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General terms and conditions AkademiaSlovenčiny, Slovak courses in Bratislava


Registration for a course


Please fill out the registration form and send it back to us. If you already have some background knowledge and your level has not yet been determined, you will receive a placement test after registration, which you should send back to us after filling it out. Please pay the full course fees. Your registration becomes definitive when you have made the necessary payments and your registration is confirmed by us. Participants requiring a visa should register at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the course.


Reserving a slovak course in Bratislava


We can only reserve you a place on a course if we have determined your course level by means of a placement test. Please pay the course fees by the reservation date, as otherwise your reservation will be automatically cancelled.


Cancellation of your slovak course


Cancellation of your course is only possible up to the 14th day before the planned starting date of the course, must be done in writing, and will involve the deduction of any bank fees incurred as well what is recognized as a reasonable processing fee of 40.00.


Cancellation insurance


You can take out a withdrawal insurance policy at the time of paying the course fees: This costs 3% of the total amount, and guarantees you repayment before the beginning of the course of all course costs you have paid us, in the case that you are prevented from attending the course for reasons of illness or illness of a family member. This insurance only applies to courses without accommodation and claims can only be made before the start of the course. A medical certificate must accompany the cancellation.

It is also possible to take out insurance for cancellation if you have to leave the course due to a professional commitment, death in the family or illness. This insurance comes to 10% of the fee paid and guarantees a refund of the proportionate costs on presentation of confirmation by your employer or a medical certificate in the cases stated. The insurance is only valid for courses without accommodation and can only be taken out once the course has been paid for. This insurance only applies to courses without accommodation.

Certificates have to be in Slovak, German or English. Travel costs and other expenses are not covered


Rebooking of your course


You can rebook your course up to 14 days before it starts. A processing fee of 40.00 applies to rebooking. After that, no further rebooking is possible.


Follow-up course


If you are already taking part in a course and would like to attend a follow-up course, please register as described above. There is no automatic reservation of places.





Should you require a visa, we are glad to help you with it. Once you have paid the full course fees of your courses, we send confirmation of your payment. Should you not get a visa, we repay your course fees, minus bank fees and a 40.00 handling fee. For a refund of course fees, you must send our office a copy of the consulate's letter of refusal at least 7 days before the courses begin. If we need to send visa documents by courier in the case of a last-minute booking, the charges will be billed to you.




Course participants are liable for all damage they may cause and are obliged to pay compensation in accordance with applicable legal provisions. The organizers accept no liability for any possible damage, in particular injuries arising from excursions undertaken. Course participants are not insured against either accident or illness from our side. Parents or guardians are liable on behalf of minors. Excursions are taken at the participant's own risk. We recommend that you take out illness and accident insurance.


Shortening of a courses


Should the minimum class size of 5 participants not be achieved, the school reserves the right to cancel the course, shorten it, or postpone it.




Minors cannot register online. We will be glad to send you a registration form, which will then be completed by your parent or guardian. Course participants must be at least 16 ears old.


Tours and excursions


Except where otherwise stated, costs of tours, excursion, examinations, course material, etc. are not included in the price and must be paid on the spot.




Unless otherwise stated in writing, no teaching takes place on national holidays. The teaching lost in this way will not be made up at another time and will not be refunded.




In the case of irregular attendance at the course, no refund of course fees or extension of the course is possible.


Course textbooks and course materials


Course books, materials and certificates are not included in the price of the course.




Taking breaks in the corridors and on staircases is not allowed. Breaks must be taken either outside the building or in the classroom.


Photos and films


Photographs and films taken of you during your course or during group excursions may be used in advertising material and may be published on the Internet. Your registration constitutes agreement. If you do not agree to this, you must make this clear before the start of the course on the registration form or when registering by Internet, under the heading "Special requests".


Obligation to co-operate / Notification of defects


The course participant is obliged, immediately upon noticing anything wrong, to inform the about it and request correction. No claims will be entertained in cases where this duty is not fulfilled.




Alterations and additions to these conditions must be made in writing. The school reserves the right to alter the rules, the program, the prices and the General Conditions of Trade without prior notice. Should one point of these Conditions of Trade be or become legally unenforceable, the other conditions shall retain their full force and content. Typographical and translation errors reserved.







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