Deutschkurs in Bratislava, Sprachschule in der Slowakei


When will our Slovak courses begin?

Intensive Courses


12.09.2016 - 06.10.2016, Mo-Th, á 3 lessons, 4 weeks
(level according to majority of participants), time: 8:30-11:30





 Individual lessons



The lessons are matched with your specific requirements and timetable.

Make fast progress and learn exactly what you need and when you have time.





Individual lessons are






and very effective!





Just get in touch with us and try one lesson. You will get convinced!













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Opening hours

Location of Akademia Slovenčiny

Registration form for Slovak course


Akademia Slovenčiny

Slovak Language Courses in Bratislava

Panská 17

811 01 Bratislava - Staré Mesto



+421 2 38 10 14 16


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